The Most Flattering Lingerie For Your Body Shape


When it comes to choosing lingerie sets, there are so many things to consider. But the thing you are probably most likely to be thinking about is which lingerie type is going to be most flattering for your body shape? 

To help you out if you’re overwhelmed by all the gorgeous sexy lingerie pieces to choose between, we have pulled together top recommendations of which bra and knicker styles will be the most flattering for your unique body type!

Estella and Tenahya Lingerie Sets

If you are looking for help choosing swimwear, we also have a guide dedicated to picking the most flattering swimwear for your body shape too!

Well-fitting pieces truly are our obsession, so if you’re looking for the best bum enhancing knicker styles (thongs, or high leg styles, btw!), or the best bras for a small bust (that’s going to be bralettes or push-up!) - we have all the advice you need right here! 

Before you discover your ideal lingerie style, it’s super important to know your bra size, to make sure you get the most flattering fit!

Did you know that 81% of women are wearing the wrong bra size?! To avoid being part of that statistic, either book yourself a bra fitting with one of our expert fitters, or check how to measure your own bra size with our guide. Once you know your size, discover the most flattering lingerie for your body type below.


Pear-shaped or triangle shapes have narrower upper bodies with a wider lower body. To give more shape to your smaller upper half, padded bras can be an excellent choice for providing an added boost to your cleavage. 

Pear Shape Body

Or, you could try a multiway bra, this way you can wear the bra straps exactly how you like to complement your narrower shoulders. 

Mollie Push Up Bras

The most flattering lingerie for the curvier hips that pear shapes tend to have are high leg knickers. Choosing this style will enhance your bum and be super flattering! Thongs are also always a great choice for pear shapes - flaunt your assets ladies! 


If you have wide set shoulders, a fuller bust and narrow hips, you have what is known as an ‘inverted triangle’ body shape!

Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The most flattering lingerie for this body type is a bra that offers full support and has thicker straps, such as a balconette bra – they are so flattering! 

Leah Balcony Bra

When it comes to the best knickers for your body shape, a high waisted knicker style will work perfectly!


Hourglass body shapes are curvy, but balanced. Think a fuller bust, hips and bum with a sinched waist. 

Hourglass Body Shape

If you have an hourglass shape, the most flattering underwear for your curvy body will be pieces that accentuate your curves and bum! 

The most flattering bra styles for your bigger bust will be a plunge bra or a fabulous balconette bra, as they will emphasise your cleavage! 

For your bottom half, the best lingerie for bigger hips is high waisted or high leg knicker styles!

Casey Bodysuit and Lingerie Set

It’s not all just bras and knickers, though! A bodysuit - especially one with dipped front detailing to show off your sinched waist - will be oh so flattering for your figure!


Those with athletic body shapes have a straighter silhouette and a smaller bust, so you are going to want the most flattering lingerie for your smaller bust shape! 

Athletic Body Shape

If you want to create more cleavage and give your bust a boost, then a push up bra is always a great shout.

Bralettes are also super flattering for smaller busts and you can embrace your figure in an unpadded bra style, or give yourself some extra shape with a padded bra!

Piper Lingerie Sets

When it comes to the most flattering knickers for your body type, Brazilian knickers are a great option, or you can’t go wrong with a thong - they really are the most flattering knicker style - we even have a whole guide dedicated to thongs!

Want to know more about all the flattering lingerie types mentioned above? Then read our knicker style guide and bra style guide too! You’ll be a lingerie expert like us in no time!

As long as you feel comfy in your underwear picks, you will look amazing! Share your fave lingerie or underwear sets that you think are best for your body type with us over on Insta using #myboux, so we can see your fabulous choices!